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Top Quality Facilities Management Support

YDLS understands that Excellent Facilities Management is an integral part of your business plan and is a vital strategic tool in successfully delivering a great work or living space.  


We know that high level customer satisfaction is critical to your contract success.  To ensure this happens we manage and monitor our own company’s performance and success when delivering works for facilities management partners.


Our systematic approach enables us to identify risks as well as create an assessment and analysis in terms of probability and impact. 

Regular Office & Building Cleaning Services

Establish a squeaky clean environment for your staff and your clients. YDLS provide regular high standard cleaning service in Leeds to small, medium and large companies as well as forming partnerships with Facility Management Companies and Private Landlords. 


Creating a positive impact on your building and your people through our daily cleaning service in Leeds is natural for us.  We ensure that people come first, and our commercial and individual actions are monitored through best practice and people behaviour policies and total adherence to all associated legislation.

Added Value - we love make life easier for you

  • Notify you of scuffs and damage in the building
  • Notify you of lighting issues
  • Notify you of toilet & drainage  issues
  • Provide Hygeine Products
  • Provide additional cleaning materials 
  • Notify you of staff/visitor behaviour (out of hours)
  • Provide Tea Towel Cleaning
  • Reuse, Recyle & Reduce

 Our Leeds Facilities Management Office services include janitorial support, hygeine support, cleaning materials, added value and a collaborative culture .

Our  commitment to continuous improvement and quality management, of our clients’ facilities management and commercial cleaning needs in Leeds, has resulted in a learning culture through listening to industry experts, our clients, customers and people.  We have fostered long term relationships, high staff retention and openness through our company. We understand the extensive responsibilities facing Facilities Management and we know that some Facilities Managers have multi-sites to manage. We work successfully with people responsible for Property Strategists and Space Management as well as contract management, building maintenance and administration. We can successfully support you with your facilities management needs no matter what size or scope.

Successful facilities management effectively encompasses an essential combination of resources and activities, typically carried out by both internal and external parties.  As a Facilities Management provider we have ensured the integration of processes to develop and maintain agreed services with our Partners.  Supporting and improving our clients’ primary activities is what we do really well.   


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